Proximity reader demonstration equipment

  • Units to help with demonstrating Paxton Access readers
  • Convenient to take to customer premises
  • Supplied with everything needed for demonstration
  • Buy direct from Paxton
About - Reader demonstration units have been designed to show customers how proximity readers with additional functionality or aesthetics look and work. They will help show the advantages of hands free and our designer readers.

519-222 The hands free demonstration unit enables you to easily demonstrate the increased read range possible if a hands free interface is fitted. Seeing and using this unit will mean your customers can see just how convenient hands free can be.
380-999 LCD reader demonstration unit. The visible face of the reader is an LCD screen. The unit is loaded with our four default images that are displayed when a token is presented to the reader. The demonstration unit also allows bespoke customer images to be loaded for display.

In contrast to the rest of the product range, demonstration equipment can be ordered directly from Paxton Access. As the equipment is used to sell systems they are sold at a greatly reduced price.

Installation - 519 -222 Plug in the unit and use the supplied tokens to demonstrate the long read range.

380-999 Plug in and use the supplied tokens to show the four default images on the reader. Use the LCD reader image uploader, USB supplied to upload clients images for demonstration.

Sales code Description Retail price*

* Retail prices are subject to VAT and do not include the cost of installation. UK installation companies only

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