Compact Easyprox keypad

Box contents
Battery - 4xAA high capacity Evoia battery pack
Easyprox - rubber escutcheon
Fitting kit - Easyprox
Packaging - box OD 295x263x110mm Easyprox (ep1)
Packaging - Easyprox inner tray
Label - Easyprox battery instruction
Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
Label - Tech support international
Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
Sales Code label, 30x20mm, Paxton EU
Easyprox - tubular dead latch
Easyprox - 7 - 8mm follower bar adaptor
Template - Easyprox fixing template
Bubble pouches - antistatic
Easyprox - inner handle assembly
Easyprox - Handle assembly, left
Easyprox - Handle assembly, right
Easyprox compact keypad - main lock assembly
Instructions - EASYPROX compact keypad
Specifications - Compact Easyprox keypad
System Specification
Number of users10000
Number of packs per reader100
Number of PINs5000
PIN length4
Number of codes50
Code length48
Number of doors per siteNo limit
Door open time1760sec
Access levels (colour zones)3
Silent operationYes
Read range: Keyfob30mm
Read range: Token/ISO card50mm
Battery life30000operations
Battery typePaxton battery pack
Operating temperature055°C
Moisture resistanceNone
Vandal resistanceLow
Dimensions - Base unit
Dimensions - Includes handle clearance

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