Proximity long range reader

Box contents
Connector - 2 way plug UL
Plastic - cable clamp
Plastic - long range reader base
Plastic - long range reader mounting plate
Fasteners - 3 x 8mm, small pozi pan PV self tapping zinc
Fasteners - grommet seal, 55 shore silicone 6.5mm I/D
Fitting kit - Long range reader
No6 x 1/2 pan plastite
Packaging - box OD 220x220x140mm LR reader (lr1)
Packaging - long range lens protector, black
Label - Net2Air hands free interface wiring label
Long range reader PCB Label
Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
Label - Tech support international
Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
Sales code label, 27x20mm, Paxton, EU, CE, Unharmonised
2 core cable 0.75mm2, 5m
10 core cable Beldon 9540 5m
Net2Air hands free interface PCB only
Long range reader front assembly
Instructions - PROXIMITY long range reader
Specifications - Proximity long range reader
Operating voltage111214V DC
Current consumption1.1A
Additional power supply requiredYes
Carrier frequency125kHz
Clock and data bit period 600µs
System Specification
Cable type for extensionsBelden 9540
Max cable extension length100m
12V Power cable core diameter - up to 5m run 0.75mm sq
12V Power cable core diameter - up to 100m run 2.5mm sq
Entry confirmation inputYes
Additional coloured covers availableNo
Read range: Keyfob40mm
Read range: Token/ISO card80mm
Read range: Watchprox10mm
Read range: Hands free tokens5000mm
Read range: Hands free Keycard Button control 500050000mm
Operating temperature-3566°C
Moisture resistanceIP66

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