Switch2 hands free keycard - Green, Pack of 10

Box contents
Misc - black permanent marker pen
Battery - Lithium 3V CR2430 coin cell 25mm
Hands free card bottom cover - high temp
Hands free card top cover with logo - high temp
Plastic - Net2Air hands-free keycard silicone buttons
Fasteners - 2.2 x 6mm pozi csk plastite black screw
Packaging - plastic tray insert for ISO cards
Packaging - box OD 210x180x120mm, card packs (dac)
Packaging - Box OD 125x63x22mm cardpack (crd)
Label - 1cm dia black
Label - hands free card details 20x22mm
Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
Token wallet - Demo packs (167mm x 167mm)
Small polythene bag
Printed ISO card, green
ISO Enrolment PROXIMITY card
ISO door open time card
ISO fail open release card
ISO silent operation card
Proxdisc coil module, ht2 for hands free (not fob), black
Net2 keycard PCB for pack, Green
Instructions - Hands free keycard for Net2
Instructions - Hands free keycard pack for Switch2
Specifications - Switch2 hands free keycard - Green, Pack of 10
Carrier frequency2.4GHz
Carrier frequency125kHz
Battery life5years
Battery type1 x CR2430
Operating temperature050°C

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