Compact Easyprox

  • Battery powered access control
  • Amazingly easy to install
  • Anti-shim plunger to prevent forced entry
  • Spare battery packs available
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Low battery warning
  • All cards are immediately valid
  • A lost card can be deleted in seconds
About - Easyprox compact is an all-in-one battery powered lock and access control system that is ideal for internal doors. Installing the system is easy because it's not wired into a mains power source. Easyprox compact can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same tokens.

Installation - Use the template provided to fit the door latch. Cut the square drive to length and slide into the latch. Fit battery and connect to the unit. The unit will start to beep. Present the enrolment card to the unit. Fit the front and rear lock assembly to the door and secure the two parts of the lock together with the fixing screws. Close the door and mark the top and bottom of the latch where it touches the frame. Mark the correct position and fit the strike plate.

Operation - User tokens are valid and ready for use once installation is complete. Every user token is supplied with a corresponding shadow token. As user tokens are issued, the name of the user is marked on the shadow card. If a user is to be barred, or a user card is lost, the shadow token marked with the user's name is presented to all readers on site. This simple action invalidates the user card. Another user card may be issued for that user.

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