Standalone demonstration equipment

  • TOUCHLOCK and Proximity versions
  • Low cost desktop units
  • Smart case with rechargeable battery
  • A range of low cost tools to help the installer
  • Buy direct from Paxton
About - These products allow an installer to demonstrate system functionality to customers. Seeing and using the system increases the chance of the customer placing an order. As the units are used to sell Paxton Access systems they are sold at greatly reduced prices. In contrast to the rest of the product range, demonstration equipment can be ordered directly from Paxton Access.

There is a choice of desktop units available, also a PROXIMITY demponstration case.

Installation - The units are provided ready to use. System, tokens and power supply are all provided.

Sales code Description Retail price*

* Retail prices are subject to VAT and do not include the cost of installation. UK installation companies only

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