Proximity reader - P75, Screw connector

Box contents
Connector - 8 way plug UL
Plastic - Proximity reader clip on cover 75mm - Black
Plastic - Proximity reader clip on cover 75mm - White
Fitting kit - P75
Packaging - box insert - readers for icc-bx01 (rki)
Packaging - box OD 190x175x55mm readers (ne3)
Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
Label- Wiring vertical screw connectors
Sales Code label, 30x20mm, Paxton EU
P75 proximity reader module with screw connector 2nd Gen
Instructions - Reader booklet 2nd Gen
Specifications - Proximity reader - P75, Screw connector
Operating voltage101214V DC
Current consumption60120mA
Carrier frequency125kHz
Clock & data bit period600µs
System Specification
Cable type for extensionsBelden 9540
Max cable extension length100m
Read range: Keyfob60mm
Read range: Token/ISO card100mm
Read range: Watchprox40mm
Read range: Hands free tokens1500mm
Additional coloured covers availableYes
Net2Air compatibleYes
Operating temperature-3566°C
Moisture resistanceNo
Vandal resistanceMedium
Cable lengthNone included

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