Net2 plus 1 door controller - 12V 2A PSU, Plastic cabinet

Box contents
Connector - 2 way plug UL
Connector - 3 way plug UL
Connector - 4 way plug UL
Connector - 5 way plug UL
Connector - 6 way plug UL
Connector - 8 way plug UL
Fasteners - 15mm PCB spacer 1.6mm board
Fitting kit - ACU with PSU in cabinets & housings
Label - 682-531 ratings label
Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
Label - Tech support international
Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
Sales Code label, 27x20mm, Paxton EX, CE, Ctick
Net2 Plus access control unit V2
Cable tie Large
Net2 International Wiring Label Assy
2A plastic cabinet assy with PSU
Instructions - Net2 Plus booklet
Specifications - Net2 plus 1 door controller - 12V 2A PSU, Plastic cabinet
Voltage supplied by Paxton 2A PSU1313.814V DC
Current capacity of Paxton 2A PSU2000mA
Operating voltage1124V DC (+20%)
Current consumption200mA
Switchable current4A
Switchable voltage24V DC (+20%)
Alarm output current1A @ 12 V DC
Operating temperature - Battery limits 045°C
Moisture resistanceNone
System Specification
Max number of wireless ACUs per system 1000
Number of card holders50000
Number of PINs50000
PIN length48digits
Number of codes50
Code length48digits
Readers/keypads per door2per port
Door open time17999999sec
Time zones64
Individual times within a time zone2000
Number of events stored on ACU2728
Data retention during power loss30day(s)
Can be used with fail OPEN releaseYes
Can be used with fail CLOSED releaseYes
Exit button inputYes
Door contact inputYes
Alarm/bell outputYes
PSU monitoring inputYes
Tamper inputYes
Intruder alarm integration input Yes
Reader cable typeBelden 9540
RS485 data lineCAT5 or Belden 8723
Max RS485 data line length1000m
Max number of ACU's per RS485 data line200
TCP/IP connection Yes
Max TCP/IP nodes 200
Ethernet network speed10100Mbps
Ethernet bandwidth required9115200kbps
DHCP supportYes (static IP recommended
Modem supportYes
Dimensions - Control unit
Dimensions - 2A PSU in plastic cabinet

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