Net2 - managing remote sites over a computer network (TCP/IP)

Edinburgh office
Dublin office
Bristol office
London HQ
London HQ
Net2 over multiple sites using TCP/IP
The example above illustrates a company with 4 offices. The offices are connected by a permanent Wide Area Network (WAN). Each office has some staff that only work at that office. There are other staff that require access to all offices. In order to prevent users having to be added to 4 separate systems, a single centralised system has been installed.

The Net2 software is installed on a rack-mounted server PC at the London office. Connection is established to all Net2 control units over the WAN.

The Net2 system may be administered from any PC on the WAN running the Net2 client software. Only those users with valid Net2 operator privileges can make changes to the system.

As a new staff member joins the company they are added to the Net2 system and given the appropriate access permissions for all offices. Users can be barred as required. Reports can be generated for each site individually or together as necessary.

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